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Fence, Gate & Overhead Door Contractors Business Insurance Solutions

This program was originally sponsored by the System Builders Association (SBA) and designed for contractors that sell and construct pre-engineered or pre-fabricated buildings, walls and floors. It now includes Fence, Gate and Overhead Door contractors. The pre-engineered systems are classically used by owners involved in manufacturing, warehousing, and industrial centers. There are some residential uses of these systems. The overhead door is primarily garage door contractors. Fence contractors are involved with industrial, commercial and residential; using everything from recycled garbage to wood to aluminum.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverages for residential and commercial contractors
  • Program specific terms and conditions and rates
  • Blanket broad form additional insured's, blanket waiver, and per project aggregate for qualifying contractors
  • Backed by an Insurance Carrier with Excellent Financial Strength
  • Program Available in all states, except Delaware
  • Limits available up to $25 million

This program is available through your local agent! You get a comprehensive national program with the convenience of local service. If you like, we can contact your agent for you.

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This program is available in all states, except Delaware. Some restrictive coverage and limits may apply in certain states.
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